Homestead – Al Khawaneej

Homestead Restaurant and Bakery is Dubai’s homegrown, regional version of Paul and Le Pain Quotidien. Similar to the two French propositions, it offers a healthy, wholesome rural take on cuisine…but of this region. Also familiar is the rustic, almost barn-yard theme adopted for the interior. It’s a warm, inviting, cosy, homely atmosphere. A place you … Continue reading Homestead – Al Khawaneej

Waresh Al Mandi – Karama

Waresh Al Mandi is Karama’s only Iranian restaurant. It is also one of only a handful of Mandi restaurants in Karama. And lastly, it is the first combination of the two cuisines I have come across…anywhere. The two-story restaurant is located dead opposite the Karama Fish Market on 45B Street. Typical of mandi restaurants, Waresh … Continue reading Waresh Al Mandi – Karama