Al Beiruti – Al Safa

Al Beiruti calls itself a Lebanese Restau-Café. What it is in actual fact is a Parisian styled boutique bistro, restaurant, café and shisha lounge – no surprises which section is the more popular; thankfully the smoking area is partitioned. A lovely, shaded veranda runs the length of the restaurant and is the place to book … Continue reading Al Beiruti – Al Safa

Sadaf – Al Rigga

Sadaf is one of Dubai’s oldest Iranian restaurants. It is also one of Dubai’s least authentic. And that’s because the food it serves has been tweaked to appeal to a more local pallet. This flagship branch on the mezzanine floor of the Rigga Al Butteen Plaza in Deira is where the original (and beloved) @absharrestaurant … Continue reading Sadaf – Al Rigga

Sufraa Bani Yas – Naif

Sufraa Bani Yas is an Iranian Afghan restaurant I recently came upon on my way back from Jelfar Café – both on (different sides of) Al Sabkha Road in Naif. The restaurant has a modest yet respectably decorated interior as well as a small shaded outdoor area which, unless you are desperate to sit outside, … Continue reading Sufraa Bani Yas – Naif